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Alcohol Event Request Form (Authorization Procedure for Student Events)

The following procedure describes the parameters for alcohol authorization at student events.  This procedure includes portions of the larger University Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy.  For full details, see the Xavier University Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy

The purpose of the University’s Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy is to promote the legal and responsible use of alcohol and other drugs; to ensure compliance with state and federal laws and regulations which pertain to the University; to preserve a social environment conducive to learning and healthy living; and to promote the education of students and employees regarding alcohol and other drugs.

Student Events

The Xavier University Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy covers authorization for alcohol at any events that are sponsored by Xavier University, both on and off-campus, either with University dollars or through the use of the Xavier University name.

Student events are those University events or activities sponsored by student organizations or University offices or departments where the primary focus is programming for and with students.  Student events are subject to the parameters outlined in the General Event Regulations and Student Event Regulations sections of the Xavier University Alcohol and Other Drug Policy.  These parameters are detailed below.

Request Procedure

The decision to serve alcohol at a student event is at the sole discretion of the Associate Provost for Student Affairs, or designee.  Event sponsors must submit event details via the online Alcohol Event Request Form at least two weeks prior to the scheduled event.  Events must then receive approval from the Associate Provost for Student Affairs, or designee.  Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of the event.  A meeting to discuss the logistics of the event may be necessary prior to final event authorization.

Confirmations will be emailed following verification that the event is approved. The Associate Provost for Student Affairs, or designee, reserves the right to change and/or cancel an event at any time.  For questions regarding this procedure, contact the Office of Student Involvement at (513) 745-3004 or

Appeals Process

The Associate Provost for Student Affairs, or designee, reserves the right to deny the approval of any event request. To appeal the denial of a request, please contact the Office of Student Involvement at (513) 745-3004 or 

Event Regulations

Student events are subject to the parameters outlined in the General Event Regulations and Student Event Regulations sections of the Xavier University Alcohol and Other Drug Policy.  These parameters are detailed below:

Purpose of the Event

  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages may not be the focal point of any social gathering; the event must have other primary entertainment or educational functions.

Event Attendees

  • The majority of the anticipated attendees must be over the age of 21.
  • Event attendees who appear visibly intoxicated may be ejected or denied entrance and may be subject to University conduct procedures.
  • Any individual who reports to a University activity while intoxicated will be sent home from the event at their own expense and will be subject to conduct procedures in accordance with his/her University classification. 
  • Individuals who attend events are responsible for their own actions and the actions of their guests. This includes financial liability for any damage that occurs as a result of such actions. The use of alcohol or other drugs is not an excuse for harassment, sexual misconduct, or any inappropriate behavior. Any such behavior will be considered a violation of the Xavier University Code of Student Conduct and will be dealt with as such.

Advisor Responsibilities

  • The organization’s designated advisor must be present for the duration of the event.
  • The organization’s designated advisor is responsible for ensuring that the organization and event attendees fully comply with this policy.


  • Security is required.  See the Event Security Planning Guide for details.  
  • The sponsoring organization is responsible for arranging appropriate security and assumes the costs associated with event security.

Policy Enforcement

  • The event organizer is responsible for using reasonable means to uphold the law and all University policies. In the case of policy violations, event organizers (with support from security personnel) are required to take action to uphold University policy.  Such action may include confiscating the alcoholic beverage, having the violator leave the function, or referring the violator for University conduct proceedings.
  • Any organizing unit, which knowingly ignores this policy, will forfeit the right to distribute alcohol at future events.

Event Timing

  • Events must end by 1:00 a.m.
  • Alcohol service may begin only after the function has begun and must end no later than one-half hour before the scheduled end of the function or 12:30 a.m. whichever is sooner.
  • Last call will take place 15 minutes prior to when alcohol will cease being served.
  • The duration of alcohol service will generally not exceed 4 hours.

Alcohol Purchase and Sales

  • On campus events must take place in venues covered by the University liquor license.  Campus Dining, as the holder of the University’s liquor license, must be the provider of alcoholic beverages at on-campus events. Campus Dining is responsible for adhering to State Law and these procedures.
  • Off-campus events are subject to the parameters outlined in the University Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy. It is the responsibility of the event organizers to inform off-campus establishments of University policies regarding the service of alcohol.
  • Alcoholic beverages must be purchased in the State of Ohio according to State Law.
  • Alcohol cannot be purchased from a retail organization and sold to the public.
  • Event organizers and/or event attendees are prohibited from furnishing their own alcohol.
  • Trained servers must be used for the distribution and sale of alcohol.
  • Alcohol servers must request proof of age with legal ID.
  • Alcohol servers are prohibited from drinking during the event.
  • Only beer and wine may be made available to students.
  • All alcoholic beverages must be purchased by attendees with the exception of wine tasting events that have an educational focus. There will be a minimum charge of $2.00 per serving of beer or wine.
  • Drink specials and/or alcohol giveaways are prohibited.
  • Maximum serving sizes are twelve (12) ounces for beer and six (6) ounces for wine.
  • Alcoholic beverages must be served in a transparent or translucent non-breakable cup.
  • A maximum of two servings of alcoholic beverages may be served to a person at a time.
  • All events must include reasonable methods for enforcing the legal drinking laws of Ohio and preventing over-consumption.  These may include but are not limited to any or a combination of the following: wrist-bands; hand stamps; corralling; limitation of guests to those over the legal drinking age of 21; drink limits.
  • Standard “21” warning signs must be posted behind all serving areas.
  • Alcohol may not be removed from the event or corralled area.
  • Alcohol may not be brought into the event or corralled area.  Event organizers and security personnel are expected to restrict and confiscate contraband alcohol/containers from entering into the event. Those found with personal alcoholic beverages or containers in their possession will be asked to dispose of the alcohol and leave the event.  The containers may be confiscated and the individual may be subject to conduct proceedings in accordance with his/her University classification.
  • Open kegs must be emptied and the contents discarded at the end of the event. The contents cannot be distributed or sold to an organization/individual(s) for personal use. 

Alcoholic Drinking Games

  • Alcoholic drinking games/contests as well as activities that simulate alcoholic drinking games/contests are strictly prohibited.


  • Tailgating is not permissible in any University parking lot or grounds.

Event Transportation

  • When University dollars are being used to fund transportation to an event where alcohol will be consumed, a University representative or authorized security must be present on buses/vehicles.
  • University provided transportation is required for off campus event where alcohol will be consumed.  Event attendees are required to use the University provided transportation.
  • Advisors and/or security personnel must check guests/bags for alcohol prior to departure.  Any alcohol may be confiscated and the individual may be subject to Student Conduct proceedings.

Event Advertisement

  • Only beer and wine products can be advertised.
  • No beverage containers can be given as favors, souvenirs, or prizes.
  • The word “beer” or “wine” can be placed on promotions when it will be offered. The typeface may not be larger or different than that used for words such as “soda” or “food” and the alcoholic beverage may not be the first offering listed. Promotional materials must also indicate that alternative beverages and food will be offered.
  • The word “tailgating” (or its various forms) may not be used.
  • Advertising must include a message about the responsible use of alcohol. Examples include “You must be 21 to consume alcoholic beverages,” “Because You’re Part of a Community That Cares… Keep Alcohol Use Safe and Responsible”, “Don’t Drive and Drive.”

Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverage

  • Non-alcoholic beverages must be available free of charge.
  • Some variety of free food must be available to limit the effects of over-consumption.

Student Travel

  • The consumption of alcohol is not permitted when students travel as part of a University event or organization, regardless of the students’ legal drinking age.
  • Students are prohibited from bringing alcoholic beverages to those functions and will be subject to conduct proceedings should a violation occur.

Violations of Procedure

Violation of this procedure and/or the associated Xavier University Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy may result in the following actions taken singularly or in combination:

  • Immediate termination of the event                                                                         
  • Payment for any labor, repair, or replacement costs incurred because of the violation
  • A fine levied against offices, organizations, faculty/staff, or students who violate this policy
  • Conduct proceedings in accordance with an individual or group’s University classification
  • Referral to other campus offices as deemed appropriate

Alleged violations may be referred to the Associate Provost for Student Affairs and/or designee.

Procedure Review and Amendment

The University reviews its policies and procedures on a continuing basis in order to operate in an efficient manner and to comply with the applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations. Procedures contained in this document are in effect as of this publication date and are subject to change as deemed necessary by the University.

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