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Fundraising Permit Form

Fundraising Policy

The following policy describes the parameters for student organization fundraising.  The fundraising policy exists to monitor the appropriateness and maximize the success of student organization fundraisers.  It does so by managing the number of fundraisers that occur at given time, limiting duplicate types of fundraisers, and providing oversight to ensure that rules and standards are followed.  All other applicable Xavier University policies apply.

Fundraising Defined
A fundraiser is any attempt by a recognized student organization to raise money for its own purposes, to support a program or event, or to benefit a charity.  A fundraising permit form must be completed for any such attempt to raise money either on or off-campus.   

Types of Fundraisers
Fundraisers include sales of any kind including food or beverage, raffles, tickets, apparel, discount cards and other products.  Fundraisers include events such as silent auctions, charity balls, donation collection boxes, concession sales, and letter writing campaigns.  Fundraisers may also include sponsorship from an outside organization.  See below for additional instructions for apparel sales, donation boxes, and letter campaigns.

  • Apparel or product sales: If your fundraiser includes the sale or distribution of apparel or promotional products, you must attach copies of the final artwork design with your Fundraising Permit Form.  The artwork must be in compliance with the University brand standards and approved prior to product purchase and distribution.  Failure to receive proper approval prior to purchase may lead to cancellation of the fundraiser at the expense of your organization.
  • Donation boxes: If your fundraiser includes collection boxes for donated items, we recommend completion of the Fundraising Permit Form.  Donation boxes should include the sponsoring organization’s name, dates of collection, and the place where items will be donated.  Groups are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the donation area and should not allow items to exceed the box.  Unattended cash donation collections are not allowed.
  • Letter writing campaigns: If your fundraiser includes a letter writing campaign to request support from individuals, businesses, or external organizations, you must submit a copy of your request letter plus a list of your intended campaign contacts with your Fundraising Permit Form.

Reservation Procedure
The Office of Student Involvement manages the approval process for student organization fundraisers.  Student organizations must have official University recognition and be in good standing.  The fundraiser must have the approval of the student organization advisor. Offices and departments are encouraged, but not required, to complete a Fundraising Permit Form for charitable initiatives.  Individual students, faculty, and staff are not permitted to host fundraisers.

Fundraisers must receive approval prior to requests for campus space reservations; prior to requests for use of campus advertisement options; and prior to the printing of marketing materials and promotional products.

Groups are encouraged to complete the Fundraising Permit Form at least two weeks prior to the fundraiser.  There is a limit of 2 fundraisers per location and a limit of 3 consecutive days for table-based fundraisers.  Only one table can be reserved by a group per day.  Similar types of fundraisers at the same location and time are not permitted.

Approval Confirmation
Approval confirmations will be emailed following verification by the Office of Student Involvement. The Office of Student Involvement reserves the right to change and/or cancel a fundraiser at any time.  For questions regarding this policy and the reservation procedures, contact the Office of Student Involvement at (513) 745-4250 or

Appeals Process
The Office of Student Involvement reserves the right to deny the approval of any fundraiser request. To appeal the denial of a request, please contact the Office of Student Involvement at (513) 745-4250 or

Alcohol Service and Use
Student organizations may not benefit from the sale or promotion of alcohol or any illegal substances.  For example, no fundraisers at local restaurants may include alcoholic beverages in the % of sales. 

Apparel/Brand Standards
Promotional materials, apparel and/or product sales must be in compliance with the University brand standards and copyright law.  For questions about the brand standards, refer to the University Graphic Identity Guide or contact the Office of Student Involvement at (513) 745-4250.  For questions about copyright law, contact the University Library. 

Conflict of Interest
Fundraisers may not present a conflict of interest for the University or violate existing University exclusivity agreements.  For questions regarding this, contact the Office of Student Involvement at (513) 745-4250.

Fundraising activities that include the use of crowdfunding type activities or the solicitation of funding requests via 3rd party websites or tools are not permitted. Xavier organizations that wish to solicit support via web or electronic payment platforms should use the resources available from within the University.  Contact the Office of Student Involvement for more details.

Event Restrictions
Fundraisers are subject to the same event related restrictions as other student events.  Specifically, fundraisers may not take place after the end of programming deadline each semester, and fundraisers should conclude by 2 a.m.  In addition, fundraisers are not permitted during certain event windows, including Manresa New Student Orientation, Week of Welcome, and Family Weekend.  Fundraisers designed to take place in conjunction with another campus or student event (i.e. Late Night Movies) must have written authorization from the event sponsor prior to authorization for the fundraiser.

Funds/Cash Deposit
Student organizations are required to deposit all proceeds from fundraisers directly to their official student organization account within one week of the fundraiser.  Student organizations must bring a copy of the deposit receipt to the Office of Student Involvement within two weeks of the fundraiser.  Failure to do so may led to restrictions on fundraising activity, limitations to student organization fund access, and/or other consequences as deemed appropriate.

Food and Beverage
The Office of Student Involvement assumes no liability for food or beverages sold, exchanged or given out as part of a fundraiser.  All patrons of a fundraiser purchase and consume products at their own risk.

Xavier University prohibits gambling, the sponsoring of lotteries, and the sale of lottery tickets.  As such, no fundraisers in the form of gambling are permitted.  This includes split the pot, raffles, games, etc. with cash prizes.

On-campus fundraisers are limited to locations included in the Fundraising Permit Form.  Sponsoring organizations are responsible for making space reservations and must abide by the policies of the venue.  Off-campus fundraisers may be permitted.

Political Activity
Funds or contributions for political candidates may not, under any circumstances, be solicited in the name of Xavier University or on Xavier’s campus, and University resources may not be used in soliciting such funds.

Promotions and Products
Fundraisers and affiliated promotional materials or products must be free of the following:

  • harassment or discrimination, including such action based on gender, race, ethnicity, color, religion, age, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability or marital status;
  • pornography, profanity, violence, or sexually suggestive language or images; and
  • references to alcohol or other illegal substances.

Door-to-door solicitation is strictly prohibited. Door-to-door solicitation includes the distribution of any materials, handbills, flyers or literature.

Violations of Policy
Violation of this policy may result in the following actions taken singularly or in combination:

  • Immediate termination of the event
  • Payment for any labor, repair, or replacement costs incurred because of the violation
  • A fine levied against offices, organizations, faculty/staff, or students who violate this policy
  • Referral to other campus offices as deemed appropriate

Alleged violations may be referred to the Associate Provost for Student Affairs and/or designee.

Policy Review and Amendment
This policy is subject to annual review and amendment based on suggestions received during the year.  When conditions warrant, a review committee may be called together to develop recommendations.

Updated 8/6/13

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