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ACM Presentation: "The Science- and Politics- of Insecurity"

Friday, Nov 30, 2012
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM EST
OEC 118Map Location

This week's ACM presentation will be given by Dr. Ford! Here is a brief abstract about the talk:

There is little doubt in anyone’s mind about the insecurity of the computing infrastructure we use every day. Cell phones, smart meters, and even cars and aircraft, are completely reliant on computer processing and communications to function. However, despite record spending on cybersecurity efforts, the digital ‘state of the nation’ has never been worse. Attackers – hackers, criminals, and governments – wreak havoc online, and some of the estimated losses attributed to cyber operations are staggering. In this talk, we take a candid and at times painful look at the state of security and explore the science and politics which keeps us from moving forward.