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News Posts

John M Poothokaran
Nov 28, 2013

Career Services visits Florida Tech AIAA

Nov 28, 2013 by John M Poothokaran

On 10/9/13 we received a visit from Erin Minta (Career Services). Her presentation was about what we could do to improve ourselves and our methods so we can better find jobs and internships. She went over topics like formulating our resumes, important skills, and cultivating undergraduate experience. We also received information on online resources that we can utilize to find those future jobs and internships. Ms. Minta concluded her presentation by giving the contact information for Career M...

John M Poothokaran
Nov 24, 2013

Aviation Day

Nov 24, 2013 by John M Poothokaran

FIT Aviation Day was an opportunity to spread awareness about our organization to the community and to interact with fellow members of the aerospace world. While there was not a big turnout of vendors, mostly due to the government shutdown, we were able to interact with the Embry-Riddle chapter of AIAA as well as with the Cape Canaveral chapter. There were also not many planes there that day, but for the ones that were there we were able to take some cool pictures with them and for those that...

John M Poothokaran
Nov 23, 2013

NASA Family Education Night

Nov 23, 2013 by John M Poothokaran

The NASA Education Day is an event that promotes science and technology by hosting workshops, tours and activities for children. Typically, students from the age of 6 to 13 are present, looking to learn about their country’s great successes, the past, and also what the future will be like. The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, as one of the biggest aerospace institutions in the nation, was present at this event, and students from the local chapters of FIT and ERAU have been ...

John M Poothokaran
Nov 4, 2013


Nov 4, 2013 by John M Poothokaran

The AIAA-SRS Barbeque on August 23rd 2013, which took place at the Quad was an enjoyable event where many students were able to socialize and interact in a relaxed atmosphere along with professors from the MAE department. The event also included a paper airplane competition, which was won by Patrick On, with an amazing display of engineering and airplane launching skill. Congratulations Patrick! Thanks to everyone who made this bbq a success!!