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Campus Recreation Flat Screen Displays
The flat screen monitors throughout the SRC are used to display information about local events and activities pertinent to students, staff and faculty of the University of Idaho. The current date, time, weather, campus and community events, student organization and departmental announcements are available on the display screens. The main purpose of the display screens is to enhance the diversity and learning environment of the university by making information available to all students, staff and faculty.

Please e-mail submissions or questions to

Content Requirements
All advertising content will be reviewed by designated personnel and upon dispute, finalized by the Assistant Vice Provost for Student Affairs or other designated personnel. All content must be free of profane, obscene, objectionable and demeaning elements.
All displays must have the name of the sponsor visible at all times. Events must be nonexclusive, open to the student body and/or general public to promote civic or university interests. At this time, no political endorsements (at any professional level) will be allowed to ensure equal opportunity for all candidates of election. Campus Recreation retains the ability to approve or reject any content at any time.

Reserving a Slide Announcement
Reservations will be made on a first come - first serve basis in the following order of preference

1. Campus Recreation
2. Campus Recreation affiliated groups or clubs (ie Women’s Rugby)
3. Department of Student Affairs
4. ASUI Recognized Student Groups
5. University of Idaho Departments & Affiliates
6. Off-Campus Non-Profit Groups
7. Commercial

Size Requirements
All advertisements must be 1400 by 900 pixels (width by height) formatted as a .jpg or .png file.

Flat screen slide requests must be received by the Campus Recreation main office one week prior to requested run date. Slides may run for a maximum of two weeks or be submitted for renewal. If renewed, slides that required a set-up fee will be charged a $30.00 renewal fee at that time. All submissions must be accompanied by a clear start and end date.

Advertising Rates

Campus Recreation, Department of Student Affairs: No Fee

Campus Recreation affiliated groups and ASUI recognized groups: No Fee

Other University of Idaho departments: $30

Off Campus organizations: $50


Ad design and creation rates
Campus Recreation offers ad design and creation services: $20/hour (Project cost will be determined at time of booking)


All advertising must be paid in advance using UI budget numbers (if established), cash, or credit card. Cancellations must be expressed in written format and will result in forfeiture of set-up fee.