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Student Leadership Conference Program Submission 2014

This year’s Student Leadership Conference is centered on the theme of “Legacy.” This is a word that brings so many different things to mind, but we hope to simplify it by having students apply it to their daily lives. As individuals, everything we do is part of our legacy. Students leave their respective footprints all across campus in various activities, conversations, and organizations, that contribute to the USF community and to the individual student. Joining a student organization, running for ASUSF, participating in cultural programming, are just a few small ways students are able to begin to leave their legacy on campus. This year we hope to have students begin that conversation: What is my legacy and where do I want to go from here?

Therefore, specifically with this conference, we anticipate our students to:

Engage with other student leaders, staff, and faculty in an open and inclusive, learning environment

Discuss the concept of Legacy, how someone is remembered and what contributions do they make on a daily basis and throughout their lives, applying it to their individual day-to-day experiences and activities, as well as their long term planning

Reflect on the motivations behind participating in experiences that help students define their personal legacy   

We aim to provide guidance in developing these outcomes that are transferable toward each individual’s educational and professional goals. We are looking for submissions that discuss Legacy in the following areas:

*Suggested Areas

Personal Growth: Health & Wellness,
Self-Confidence & Role-Modeling,
Risk Taking/Initiative, Reflection, and Mindfulness

Organizational Development: Communication,
Empowerment, Delegation, Decision Making, Transition, Orientation of New Members

Community Engagement: Celebrating Differences, 
Civic Responsibility, Social Justice & Advocacy, and Creation of Inclusive Environments

Contact Casey Elder at with any questions

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