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Event & Facilities Request Instructions

Student Organization Event & Facilities Request

If you plan to request funding from Student Government Association (SGA) for your event, it is strongly recommended that you complete the Event Budget Form and receive the funding BEFORE submitting your facility request. Costs are listed in the instructions below to assist you. In addition, use the Event Planning Checklist to ensure you don't overlook the details for your event.

If you are planning to spend funds from your own organization's account but do not know how to find the account number, instructions are available here:

**Depending on the size, scope, nature, time, and other factors of your event, the Center for Student Involvement may require your organization to appear before the Events Committee to fully understand the details of your event and to assist your organization in the planning process. You will be contacted by the Center for Student Involvement with the Events Committee meeting date. If you fail to appear at this meeting, your event may be cancelled.**

Prior to submitting your event, it is recommended you do the following:

  1. Check room/facility availability on the University Calendar of Events
  2. Review Room Photos, Capacities, and Diagrams 
  3. Review the Event Planning 101 – Tutorial
  4. Use the Event Planning Checklist. We suggest printing the form and fill it out so you can track details of event.
  5. As you complete this form, use this Event Budget Form to assist in determining costs. We suggest printing the form and fill it out so you can track costs.
  6. If you need to change anything about your event/reservation, you must use the Change/Cancellation Form before making any changes to the event in OrgSync. Please Note: If you do make changes to your event (i.e. dates, location, etc.), Conference Services will NOT update your event in OrgSync when you submit the change form. You must update the event with changes and resubmit them in OrgSync yourself.


To ensure timely payment, please adhere to the following deadlines listed in the RSO Financial Instructions

Instructions For Submitting Events In OrgSync

1. To submit your event, you must be an administrator in your organization's portal. Only portal administrators may create and submit event requests.

2. In your organization's portal, click on the "Events" tab

3. Click "Create an Event"

4. Follow the prompts and complete the Event Form. It is recommended to fill out the form as completely as possible. If you wish to have your event appear on the main events calendar in OrgSync, make sure to select either Public or Cleveland State under the “Who can see this?” and select “Request inclusion on Student Life events list to reach more people” under the Portal Sharing. If you want to market your event further, submit it to the CSU event calendar at: You can also contact Dan Lenhart at for other ways to promote your event.

5. At the bottom of the form, click the green "Create Event" button.

6. Once you have "created" the event, you will then be required to complete the Event & Space Reservation form. This form will ask more detailed questions necessary to assist you in the planning of your event. It is required you complete this form and click "Finish" at the end so the departments involved on campus are aware of your event.

7. If your event does not require space on campus or is being held off campus, you will be given instructions on the next step in the event creation process. 

8. As part of the questionnaire, we will require certain information regarding your event. Depending on your needs, your organization may incur event fees. The fees are provided within the form and are provided here for your information. Additionally, pay close attention to the timing for the event classifications:


    • CLASS 1 EVENT: A Facility Request Form must be approved by Arena & Conference Services a minimum of 30 working days prior to the event.
      • Evening and weekend events.
      • General public in attendance.
      • Admission fee or ticket sales required for admission.
      • Alcohol.
      • CSU Police required for event.
      • A food waiver request for the event.
      • Special requirements and/or services are needed for the event.
      • Mandatory attendance for an Events Committee Meeting. If the organization does not attend the meeting the event will be canceled.
    • CLASS 2 EVENT: A Facility Request Form must be approved by Arena & Conference Services a minimum of 15 working days prior to the event.
      • Events with set up or audio/visual requirements.
      • Auditorium requests for rehearsals.
      • Events requiring Campus Catering services.
    • CLASS 3 EVENT: A Facility Request Form must be approved by Arena & Conference Services a minimum of 5 working days prior to the event.
      • Information tables.
      • Bake sale and fundraising tables.
      • Events requesting facilities requiring no set up or audio/visual services.
  • HOUSEKEEPING COSTS: Any event held after 2:00 p.m. during the week or any time on a Saturday or a Sunday will incur housekeeping charges. The list of charges is found on line at: Look in the last column for the housekeeping fees.
  • FOOD:  Refer to the RSO Financial Instructions for food restrictions and directions. 
  • SET-UP LABOR COSTS: Except for events held in the Student Center, most room set-ups will incur a labor charge. The default set ups for spaces on campus can be found at: You will not be charged for labor if you choose the default set up for your event. If you do decide to have the space set up in a certain way, the following labor costs will be charged:
    • Lecture - Less than 100 ($28.00) / 100-300 ($56.00) / More than 300 ($112.00)
    • Hollow Square - Less than 25 ($28.00) / 25-100 ($56.00) / More than 100 ($112.00)
    • U-Shape - Less than 25 ($28.00) / 25-100 ($56.00) / More than 100 ($112.00)
    • Classroom - Less than 25 ($28.00) / 25-100 ($56.00) / More than 100 ($112.00)
    • College Fair Tables - Less than 25 ($28.00) /  25-100 ($56.00) / More than 100 ($112.00)
    • Round Tables - Less than 75 ($28.00) / 75-150  ($112.00) / 150-250 ($224.00) / More than 250 ($300.00)

Special set ups may require additional charges. Please contact Conference Services for other set-up fees at

  • SECURITY/POLICE COSTS: Police presence may be required for your event. The university's police department will make the determination of the number of officers assigned. The minimum cost for security is $55 per hour for a minimum of 4 hours (minimum charge is $220), even if your event only lasts 2 or 3 hours. In addition, this charge is for one officer. Therefore, if two officers are assigned, the minimum charge would be $440.
  • EQUIPMENT COSTS: Currently, student organizations are not charged for equipment use in the Student Center. However, if you need additional equipment in other locations, the following costs will be charged:
  • Boom Microphone Stand $5
  • Chairs - Folding $0
  • Chairs - Stacking $0
  • Coat Rack $0
  • Colored Uplights $10
  • Dance Floor $105
  • Easels $5
  • Extension Cords $5
  • Extreme Sound System w/ 1 WL Mic $70
  • Flat Screen 42" w/DVD $56
  • Flip Charts $10
  • HDMI Adapter $5
  • LCD Projector - Portable $45
  • LCD Projector - Remote/Clicker $5
  • LCD Projector - Stationary $52
  • Liberty Portable Sound System w/ 1 Wired Mic $70
  • Mac Adapter $5
  • Microphone Lavalier $21
  • Microphone Stand $5
  • Microphone Tabletop $5
  • Microphone Wired $10
  • Microphone Wireless $21
  • Music Stand $5
  • Piano Tuned $100
  • Piano w/o Tuning $50
  • Pipe & Drape per 10ft section $14
  • Podium W/Pa $35
  • 7' x 11' Rear Screen (Assembled) $70
  • Screen Portable $10
  • Stage 6'x8' $24
  • Stanchions - Chrome $6
  • Stanchions - Green $3
  • Surge Protector $5
  • T.V./V.C.R $5
  • Tables - Cocktail $6
  • Tables - Food $0
  • Tables - Head $0
  • Tables - Registration $0
  • Tables - Rounds $0
  • Tables (plastic) - 6'
  • Tables (wood) - 6'
  • Truck Use for Deliveries $50
  • USB Adapter $5
  • VGA Cord $5
  • Wheelchair $0
  • Whiteboard $0

If you need any other type of equipment that Conference Services does not have, you will also be charged for the rental of those items. Conference Services will inform you of those costs prior to renting the equipment.


A stage manager is required in Main Classroom Auditorium if any AV equipment will be utilized.  If so, then the rate is $14/hr (with a four hour min) in addition to the cost of use of AV equipment.

For events in Waetjen and Drinko Auditorium in the Music & Communications building, a stage manager will always be assigned at $14/hr (with the four hour min).  If AV will be utilized in Waetjen or Drinko then an Audio Technician will also be assigned at the rate of $50/hr (with a four hour min).  However, paying for the Audio Technician entitles the organization access to any and all AV available in Waetjen and Drinko at no additional cost.

  • PARKING COSTS: Parking and Transportation Services has provided us with current pricing for one-time guest parking. Depending on the needs of the organization, the prices may vary from what is below:

Prospect, East, West, & Central Garages - $8 per space

South Garage & White Lots - $6 per space

Short term parking locations (lots 22, 21 & 66) – between $10 and $20 per space

If you have any further questions, please contact Parking & Transportation Services at 216-687-2023 or email them at After filling out the event form, make sure to contact parking to get your passes. Filling out the form will not notify them.

  • PERFORMANCE/SERVICES COSTS: If your event will have some type of performer (whether it be DJ, band, non-educational speaker, etc.), then make sure you also complete a Performance Agreement.  Performers are subject to a 2.5% Entertainment tax in the city of Cleveland ( If you will be hiring a service (photobooth, inflatables, henna artist, educational speaker, photographer, etc.), then complete the Special Event Agreement (
  • LATE CANCELLATION / NO SHOW COSTS: Changes to an already scheduled event or outright cancellation must be submitted via the Change/Cancellation Form ( to Conference Services within five (5) working days of the event.  Responsible parties will be held financially accountable for all charges that would have been incurred because of commitments made to facilities in terms of labor and equipment set up.  Any organization or group that does not properly cancel an event and is a “no show” at the time of the event will be assessed a fine that will at minimum equal all direct costs associated with labor and equipment set up.  Any fines may be assessed depending on the venue originally scheduled.

If you have questions, please contact the Center for Student Involvement at