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DJ Mack
Nov 30, 2011

The Rant

Nov 30, 2011 by DJ Mack

Greeting Minions,

Hope you had good vacation and now enjoying the good old deadlines of projects

HvZ update:
WILL NOT BE HAPPENING AGAIN THIS SEMESTER, sorry. We thought there would be more time, turns out there really isn't... our bad, plan for first game of next semester to be during the first week, remember your blaster!

Electronic gaming will be in the HUB Tower Room on Dec 1st because of the Angel Tree Project

FnM - You are all well informed

Warmachine League is over
results and prizes to be handed out soon

Reminder - Econocon Game Master form is on orgsync, sign up if you want to run a game, a few people have so far

Election - PLEASE SHOW UP THURSDAY for the first 20 min so we can get a secretary then go on your way, it's important that most of the paid members show up, so make sure you do and your friends do!

Join Orgsync - use its forums, post game ideas and things you want!

THANKS for reading,

GC Staff