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Apr 9 - Apr 10

Annual Gaming Club fundraiser, taking place in the form of the most affordable convention run by a university organization in the state. 

Will you be attending?

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KYMMA - Charity Event

Saturday, Sep 22, 10 am
PE Center

KYMMA is Keeping You Me and Memories Alive sponsored by a non-profit organization to help aid cancer patients and survivors or families of cancer victims.

Will you be attending?

Mutants and Masterminds

Hey everyone who actually using ORGSYNC....

Even as a Grad student not living on campus I will still be an active member of gaming club. I'm not sure how often I will be able to come up but it'll be at least every other week and potentially every week on the weekends, so I will be running a Mutants and Mastermind 3rd edition game starting this Saturday Sep 22. I will be using Obsidian Portal to relay information to players every week, and maybe...

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The Rant

Greeting Minions,

Hope you had good vacation and now enjoying the good old deadlines of projects

HvZ update: WILL NOT BE HAPPENING AGAIN THIS SEMESTER, sorry. We thought there would be more time, turns out there really isn't... our bad, plan for first game of next semester to be during the first week, remember your blaster!

Electronic gaming will be in the HUB Tower Room on Dec 1st because of the Angel Tree Project



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Pre-Reg Form is UP!

Click the Forms section to the left to access the Pre-registration form and get registered for all the best games.  Looking forward to seeing you all at EconoCon 14!!!  


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Warhammer 40,000 Tournament

Saturday, Mar 5, 10 am
Hage Room/MPR
Greetings! The Gaming Club is going to be sponsoring a Warhammer 4..
Will you be attending?

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Dustin Ahadi

All right guys. March 5th, 10 am. Clear your calendars. We are going to war. That day, Saturday, we are having a tournament in the HUB. 1750 in points. The guys from Triple Play? Yeah, they'll be there. We've got the MPR/Hage Room from 10 am until 6 pm. It will be good fun. GOOD fun.

Dustin Ahadi

Not only will the gents from Triple Play be in attendance, but the crew from Jetpack are planning on being there too.

Dustin Ahadi

To add more folks to fray, there's a store in Amesbury called Toy Soldier. Some of their guys are interested in attending as well.

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