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Welcome to the TCU American Marketing Association OrgSync Page!

The TCU chapter of the American Marketing Association aims to open opportunities for students to introduce and engage them in the professional world. We hold events for members such as professional speaker events, company tours, AMA certification programs, networking opportunities, a special fall break trip and much more! Meetings are the second Wednesday of each month with events in between. Affiliating with TCU AMA chapter can be a professionally and socially rewarding experience, we encourage all majors and all years to join!

To join, please fill out the AMA 2017 Membership Application Form under the Files tab and either email or deliver the form to Connie Clark in TOC B - 132, Merida Ave. 

Portal Information


The TCU Collegiate Chapter of the American Marketing Association is open to all students. The club helps bridge the gap between marketing theory and practice. We hold monthly meetings, bringing in top companies and recruiters as speakers. TCU’s American Marketing Association strives to educate individuals on marketing themselves for future business endeavors.



Organization Mission

Describe the purpose and mission of your proposed organization.

The TCU Chapter of the American Marketing Association is committed to easing the transition from business school to business world. We aim to prepare our students for their future careers by bringing in quality industry leaders from whom students can learn and offering the opportunity to develop relationships with professionals. We aim to provide students with the necessary resources which allow them to embark on networking opportunities and educational experiences.

President Name

President/Charter member of an organization must have completed a minimum of one (1) semester (Fall or Spring) at TCU and be in good standing with the University. Good standing is defined in the Student Organizations Handbook under Membership Requirements for Student Organizations.

Elizabeth Hilgemann

President TCU Email

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Advisor Name

Advisor must be a full-time TCU faculty, staff or chaplain. Advisor will be contacted to confirm commitment.

Bob Akin

Advisor School Title

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Membership Requirements

Please list any/all membership requirements and/or qualifications that are expected of new members. Please refer to the Student Organizations Handbook under Memebership Requirements for Student Organizations.

Fill out an application and pay dues. Must attend at least 1 meeting a month.

Membership Dues/Fees

Will your organization require members to pay dues or entrance/initiation fees?


If yes, please define dues and initiation expenses (include if dues are paid by semester or year)

Dues: $100 Annually

Membership Selection

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Open enrollment - students may join at any time

Membership Selection Timeline

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  • Fall
  • Spring