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GUC Window Painting

GUC Window Painting Guidelines

See calendar for Window Assignment - Click Here

Submission for the Fall semester begins August 1st
Submission for the Spring semester begins December 18th

Applications will not be accepted until these dates.

1. Only Recognized Student Organizations will be allowed to make an application to paint a window outside the GUC 1st floor atrium. Each application must be made no less than 5 business days before the requested painting dates. A notification of whether or not the application has been approved will be sent to the OrgSync account of the person who submitted the application.

2. Each approved application will be assigned a window panel on the front side of the GUC on which to prepare their advertisement. Windows can only be painted on the outside and only one window will be assigned per organization at a time. No organization may have more than one window painted at a time.

3. Windows can only be painted advertising one time events-not regular meetings or events. Windows should be painted no longer than a week per submission. In the event of rain destroying the artwork, the RSO will be required to clean the window immediately following the rain (failure to do so will result in the RSO being fined $25 clean up fee) and may repaint the window if they choose.

4. Each RSO must leave a two (2) inch margin around its painting. This is to provide for easier cleanup. Each RSO must use window chalk provided by Student Engagement. No other materials may be applied to the window (Example: latex paint, tempera paint, crayola brand powder, glitter, shoe polish, acrylic fabric paint, etc.) and will result in the RSO being fined a minimum of $25.

5. Paint must be removed immediately following the event, not to exceed 24 hours following the events conclusion. Organizations will be fined $25 to cover cleaning costs if they do not properly remove the paint (using window cleaner) or if they exceed the 24 hour period. If an organization fails to follow these guidelines, their window painting privileges will be revoked for the rest of the semester term.

6. All participating RSO’s are prohibited from using University property in the preparation and painting of the window. This includes, but is not limited to, standing in chairs outside the GUC, standing on the benches outside the GUC, etc. If this occurs your organization will be fined for the replacement of damaged property.

7. All entries must be in good taste; references to alcohol, drugs, or negative references about any campus organization/faculty/staff are strictly prohibited. A rough draft drawing must be submitted with application to be approved. This drawing must represent exactly what will be painted on the window.

8. RSOs are limited to one window per event.

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