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Approved Service Activities

Students may record:

  • Direct community service activities (i.e., tutoring, building homes, serving meals)
  • Indirect service activities (i.e., fundraisers, community organizing, Relay for Life)
  • Community organizing (i.e., voter registration drives, community gardens)
  • Service-learning courses (direct service and reflection hours only)
  • Projects sponsored by student clubs/organizations that provide a service to the local community
  • Service-related spring break trips/immersions
  • Self-initiated volunteer work independent of ECU but conducted while a current student
  • Meeting hours (only if the meeting was spent planning a community service activity)
  • Participation and hours from some, but not all, service scholarship programs (i.e. AmeriCorps, EC Scholars) may be transferable
  • International ECU community service initiatives, including those while participating in a University approved study abroad program
  • Mandated community service hours (after consulting with CLCE staff)
  • Preparation, transportation and reflection hours (up to 15 hours per semester)
  • Service that directly impacts the University (i.e. Family Weekend volunteer, Pirate Tutoring Center volunteer)

Students may not record:

  • Shadowing hours
  • Non-profit internship hours
  • Activities for which a student is paid wages or a stipend
  • Observation or practicum hours that are part of a degree requirements and do not include direct community service
  • Meeting or class hours, unless the time was spent planning or completing a community service activity
  • Service completed during a semester in which the student was not enrolled at the University or in a University-sponsored program. (i.e. high school activities)
  • Student club/organization activities, unless the activities provide a direct service to the local community (i.e., a canned food drive coordinated by a student organization)
  • Persuasive political or religious activities