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Welcome to the
Volunteer & Service-Learning Center!



About the VSLC:

The Volunteer and Service-Learning Center at East Carolina University, in partnership with local, regional, and international communities, seeks to foster an environment where individuals learn about themselves and their community, take action through service, and advocate for lasting social change.

The VSLC staff assists campus volunteers and service-learning students with finding community partners and promoting learning through service.  ECU faculty and community partners are also supported by the VSLC as they work with volunteers and service-learning students to address community needs.


Getting Started:

All students must register with the VSLC before participating in service to be covered by the university's Volunteers Insurance Service policy.

  • Click the green Join Now button in the upper right-hand corner to join the Volunteer and Service-Learning Center portal.
    • Note: If the Join Now button does not appear, you have already joined the VSLC portal!
  • Read and agree to the terms of the Assumption of Risk form.


Recording Service Hours:

1. Search for and join the portal of the organization where you will be serving.

  • Note: If your organization does not have an OrgSync portal in the ECU Community you can record your hours in the VSLC portal.

2. Option #1 - Existing Service Opportunities

  • Sign up for an event posted on the Service Opportunities list.
  • Your community partner will add your hours after your service is completed.
  • Follow up with your community partner with any questions about your service hours.

3. Option #2 - Self-Initiated Service Experiences

  • Find an organization's contact information in the Profile tab of their portal.
  • Contact the community partner to establish goals and expectations for your service experience.
  • Once approved by your community partner, complete your service experience.
  • In the community partner's portal, click Involvement (you may need to click More - Involvement) and complete the Involvement Entry form. Be sure to include the Reference fields so your service hours can be approved!
    • Note: OrgSync will automatically send an email to your Reference when you submit service hours. Your Reference does not need to have an OrgSync account to approve your hours, but your Reference person will only receive notification that your hours have been entered if you complete the Reference section of the Involvement Entry form.
  • If your community partner does not have an OrgSync portal, you may enter the hours in the VSLC portal using the same instructions outlined in the above bullet.
  • Follow up with your community partner with any questions about your service hours.


We hope you'll browse through the many ongoing and one-time service activities listed on OrgSync and consider getting involved!

Portal Information


VSLC Student Learning Outcomes As a result of participating in service and VSLC programs, students will: --Develop civic leadership skills and learn how they can use those skills to contribute to the common good --Explore facets of their identity related to diversity, privilege, race, class and gender and reflect on how those identities impact their perspectives --Learn about social inequalities and structural injustices and how to respond in creative and productive ways --Build relationships in the local community in order to build professional networks and advance career skills Public Service Learning Outcomes As a result of participating in VSLC programs, faculty and staff will: --Incorporate service-learning pedagogy into their courses and assess its impact on student learning --Build civic learning outcomes into co-curricular and extracurricular programs --Create both transactional (short-term; project-based) and transformational (long-term; sustained) partnerships with local community agencies --Develop collaborative relationships with other faculty and staff interested in community-based learning in order build a campus-wide network of community engagement



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