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Thank you for looking into Students for Equity and Justice in Education! We are glad you are here!

The purpose of Students for Equity and Social Justice in Education is to seek engagement with traditionally underrepresented identities, collaborate and network across all academic programs that are, or want to be, concerned with social justice.  SEJE seeks to be the umbrella organization that will support the development of subgroups such as LGBT, Teachers of Color, Policy Deconstruction and Action.

Our goal is:

To serve as a forum for students to engage with issues of social justice that affects the equity of access and opportunity of students on the UC-Denver campus. 

To promote the growth of student opportunities and dialogue about which students are under/over represented on college campuses.

To serve the college by increasing learning opportunities by creating an inclusive environment and awareness of diverse communities on and around the UC-Denver campus.

To foster the continued interest in collaborative efforts across all Schools of Thought (i.e. School of Engineering, School of Business, School of Architecture, and School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, etc.) by engaging in conversations. For example, a potential topic will be the difference between the Achievement Gap versus the Opportunity Gap.

Discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, sex, religion, age, (dis)ability, or sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, by any individual or unit of this organization is prohibited. 

Please feel free to contact Jessica or Charlie (co-presidents) if you have questions about SEJE!
Again, welcome!

Portal Information


A student group focused on facilitating opportunities for dialogue and service related to issues of equity and social justice in education.



President/Chair Name:

Jessica Anderson (Co-President)

Vice President/Vice Chair Name:

Charles Merrow (Co-President)

Treasurer/Finance Chair Name:

Avery Balsiger

Advisor Name:

Dr. Cheryl Matias