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Norse V.E.T.S

Organization Overview

We are a veteran led group in support of veterans. We provide information and mentorship to veterans entering college life after military service. We conduct community service projects for veteran organizations as well as provide guidance and information about benefits available to veterans.

Category Special Interest
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Purpose or Mission Statement

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To provide a social group and support structure to help veterans adjust to and become successful in college life. To provide mentorship, guidance, counseling and raise awareness for veterans issues while disseminating information to veterans. To promote community service on projects and events pertaining to veterans needs and issues. To promote college spirit aand integrate veterans into campus life while establishing professional networks to aid veterans in obtaining their goals.

Date of Establishment

Please list the Year your organization was established with NKU. If you know the exact Month/Day/Year, please list.

Jun 1, 2009

Regular Meeting Date / Time

8/26/13 - 1:00PM

Meeting Location

Student Union Room 108

Contact Email for Inquiries

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President Name

Chris Hammann

President's Email Address
Vice President or Co-President

Melissa From

Vice President or Co-President Email Address
Faculty/Staff Advisor

Heather Schaffner

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