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Ecuador 7.8 Earthquake Fundraiser

Apr 20 - Apr 26

Dear Penn State Community: The Results of the 7.8 magnitude Earthquake in Ecuador have translated into thousands of people being left on the streets homeless without access to food, water and many other basic necessities. Just think about the scenario were you are at your home and after 45 seconds, if you were lucky enough to have fled the house on time, your house is destroyed.  All of the sudden you have absolutely nothing... Because of this we need your help! Being a Penn Stater has...

Will you be attending?

LASO first meeting!!!

Thursday, Feb 28, 12:15 pm

Hey guys,

LASO is having their first meeting next Thursday (2/28/13) during common hour. We will be talking about the following things.

-Future events

-Nomination of new E-board members

-Time and day of future meetings


Hope to see all of you there!

P.S. There is going to be Pizza!!!


Will you be attending?