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Organization Overview

The Society of Physics Students is an organization for any students with an interest in Physics.

Category Other
Keywords Physics, science, Society of Physics Students
Student Organization Name

SPSU Society of Physics Students


This is if your organization has a generic email address. This does NOT have to be a address, which ever account is checked the most frequently.

Meeting Day

Be as specific as possible, this is for "general" meetings -- not committee meetings or Executive Board Meetings, but those that would be open to anyone interested in your organization.


Meeting Time


President Name

Must be a SPSU or GHC (Marietta) student

Jamie Garrett

President Email

This does NOT have to be your address, which ever account you check the most frequently.

Advisor Name

Must be a full-time Faculty/Staff member of SPSU

Dr. Kisa Ranasinghe

Advisor Email
Advisor Phone

Office Phone is idea, since this phone number will be the only phone number available to the public.


Advisor's Department

So an interested student can find them, at least by department



Please include the most recent copy of your constitution.