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The Tunnel of Oppression is an interactive experience, where participants walk through 5 or 6 different rooms/spaces designed to showcase different oppressive actions/reactions towards marginalized groups. The program we hope to launch at Eastern Oregon University is inspired by the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles and other Tunnel of Oppression programs at other universities in the U.S.

The purpose of the program is to create an educational experience that exposes people to the oppression that occurs in the lives of marginalized people on a daily basis.  It allows people to examine the various “isms” (Racism, Sexism, Class-ism, Able-ism, Antisemitism, Ageism and Hetero-sexism) as well as other prejudices and discrimination faced by various groups of people around the world.

Structure: Groups of 10 (18+) will be taken, by a facilitator, through a series of rooms, all of which deal with a different social and diverse issue. After they have gone through all the rooms, they will be led down a hallway that is brightly colored and holds inspirational quotes and phrases to help the group sort of decompress. The hallway will lead them into a “Room of Hope” where they can discuss among themselves and with facilitators about the issues they saw. There will also be counselors there to help facilitate and console anyone who might have had a traumatic flash back brought on by one or more of the rooms.

This will be a 2-day event starting at 1:00pm to 5:00pm each day.  

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