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Organization Overview

The PTC Tutor Crew is an organization that provides tutors with the Pirate Tutoring Center the ability to expand their roles as peer educators at East Carolina University. In addition, we seek to heighten personal and academic leadership qualities. Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, some of the members come together at 2300 Old Cafeteria Building and offer free tutoring services for some of the high demand courses to the student body of ECU. In addition, test preps and workshops for specific classes are given on an as needed basis. Day time appointments are available in chemistry, physics, biology, math, spanish, sociology, criminal justice, engineering, economics, accounting and psychology. We made a significant impact during the 2012-2013 academic year in assisting over 4,500 students with their course needs.

Category Academic
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Dalton Perkinson

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Robin Melendez

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