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Hello Comrade!

We are a group dedicated to social justice dialogue and spirit. We are hosting The Art of Social Justice Conference on May 7th on the Auraria Campus. We are bringing in artists, activists, academics and organizers from campus and the community to celebrate and bring awareness to a fostering culture of social justice. Check out our website: for more details. To get involved, please email Or you can join our facebook: theartof socialjustice/facebook.



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We are seeking to facilitate active, intellectual, and intentional dialogue within the greater Auraria, Denver, and national community with the interest of promoting lasting social change.


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Open to anyone with interest in Social Justice

President/Chair Name:

Anthony Cortes

President/Chair Email:
Vice President/Vice Chair Name:

Jeff Koehler

Vice President/Vice Chair Email:
Treasurer/Finance Chair Name:

Hayley Stewart

Treasurer/Finance Chair Email:
Advisor Name:

Chad Kautzer