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NUSci Minutes, 1/29/12 and 2/06/12


Everyone broke into groups with their editor and went over outlines and rough drafts.



Broke into pairs and peer edited drafts


-Cat Ferguson


NUSci Minutes, 1/23/12

First meeting!

Eboard intros, icebreaker Distribute expectations for writers, go through them Mike goes over how the magazine gets put out. Articles get assigned.


Thanks everybody, see you next week!

-Cat Ferguson  


Minutes from November 14th NUSci meeting

Issue with cover: Occupy Science – while it is topical, it might be considered controversial. Cover nixed.

New ideas: • Sharks – seemed to be the favorite • Environmental activism

Alyssa shared the issue design • We all clapped and then passed out a little from how great it is

Ideas for next issue

• Technology in health care • New stuff in science • Tropical disease ...


Notes from Oct 17th meeting

• Intro for new members • Check in on articles and editors • New article ideas: o Evolutionary genetics, human migration – Jackie, edited by Cat o Determined page length • Class visits, distributing issue 8, talking to alumni about funding - Issue 10 in color? • Talking about social media needing to be fixed – each person gets a day to post a link. o Mike: Sunday o Kristina: Monday o Annalise: Tuesday o Cat: We...


Brad West commented on the news post Minutes from September 19th NUSci meeting

Minutes from September 19th NUSci meeting

Introductions - EBoard, members

Article ideas:

-Tar sands

-Conference reviews


-Interviews: Professor of epidemiology; ask Prof. Davies for recommendations

-Book reviews

-FoldIt paper (protein folding game - crowdsourcing analysis of protein shapes_


This semester:

During the month of downtime between issues, NUSci can host round-table...



Tara Dhingra

When are articles due for this issue?

Brad West

The articles are due October 17th

Minutes from the August 10th E-Board meeting

Minutes from EBoard meeting, August 10th 2011

Issue 8 Issues

• Not enough content for junior/senior year, making it “N(you) – individual journey, not segmented into years; start with an opening of “getting started” • Need to get pictures of people who were interviewed. Kristina will find out schedules of people who need to be photographed. Mike will take pictures, Brad will get camera. • Cover ideas:...


General Meeting

Wednesday, Oct 13, 7:30 pm
14 International Village
This Wednesday at 7:30 pm we will be having a general meeting. &nb..
Will you be attending?

Kristina Deak updated the event NU Science Mag - General Meeting

NU Science Mag - General Meeting

Wednesday, Sep 29, 7:30 pm
14 International Village
At this meeting we will be discussing and assigning article topics..
Will you be attending?