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Student Life Tribute Video 2016

Created for the awards banquet

Student Leadership Awards Banquet

Annual awards banquet for student leaders, scholars, and athletes.

Student Alliance Town Hall Meeting 12.3.15

Student Alliance Collaborative Meeting 11.12.15

2015 Student Organization Mandatory Officers Training

This is an annual training hosted by Student Life aimed at informing clubs and orgs of the new policies that may impact their programming for the year.

Fall Club Day 2015

Fall Club Day 2015

Global Experience Festival 2015

This is a recording of the 2015 Global Experience Festival. Produced by Media Services.


Are you commencing this year? You have worked so hard and deserve to be acknowledged by your family, friends, faculty and staff that have been apart of the journey with you. Grad Fest is tomorr...

What is Title IX?

PSA Video (from the Whitehouse) - 1 is 2 Many

Parking Changes Are Coming Soon!

GRCC Collegiate Broadcast 4.18.14

GRCC Collegiate Broadcast 4.11.14

GRCC Collegiate Broadcast 4.4.14

Student Involvement Tribute Video

Video produced by GRCC Media Department for the 2014 Student Leadership Banquet

GRCC Collegiate Broadcast 3.28.14

GRCC Collegiate Broadcast 3.21.14

GRCC Collegiate Broadcast 3.17.14

Completion Video

Take time today to think about completing your degree at GRCC! Those that are close should fill out their graduation audits today!

GRCC Collegiate Broadcast 2/28/14

GRCC Collegiate Broadcast 2/7/14

GRCC Collegiate Broadcast 1/31/14

GRCC News - What's going on around campus?

Brought to you by the GRCC Collegiate

Psi Beta - A Brief Introduction

Ender Twin Bowl - October 23, 2010