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ABS Executive Board Application

The ABS is a recognized student organization (RSO) at the University of Louisville that serves the campus and surrounding community as a whole, but focuses specifically on African American students. We do this by channeling resource from the African American Programming Fund (AAPF), faculty, staff, and students to individual students and RSOs. ABS ensures campus-wide political, social, academic, and cultural advocacy and awareness while maintaining organizational flexibility and transparency.


The Association of Black Students of the University of Louisville (hereafter referred to as the ABS) will be governed by University of Louisville policies, State and Federal Laws. The goals of ABS shall be to:
1. Identify and assess the needs of African American students via the Council of Presidents, town hall meetings, and electronic communications with constituents.
2. Gather and disseminate information as it may relate to African American students.
3. Provide advocacy for African American students and ABS partnered organizations.
4. Encourage African American students in achieving academic excellence (i.e. seek advanced degrees and increased grade point averages).
5. Increase the awareness of the entire University of Louisville community to issues impacting the African American community by sponsoring programs, speakers, workshops and cultural events.
6. Represent the African American student population to the University of Louisville administration in regards to policy, directions, programs and concerns relative to the African American population.
7. Encourage unity and maximize the participation of African American students in the University of Louisville.
8. Seek election of African American students and allies to the offices of the Student Government Association and other recognized student organizations at the University of Louisville.
9. Encourage the hiring of more African American professors, faculty and staff at the University of Louisville.


·         Presides over meetings of the organization

Call special meetings of the organization
Facilitates executive board meetings
Prepares and files any report required
Maintains contact and meets regularly with organization adviser
Maintains contact with affiliated university department or community partner
Serves as spokesperson for the organization & represents organization at official events
Assists all executive officers
Provides follow up to organization tasks
Works with adviser to organize retreats
Serves as chairperson for the African American Programming Fund

Vice President for Programming

·         Work with leadership team to implement and execute a pre-determined number of  events

Plan a predetermined number of social events for the Porter student body
Collaborate with a pre-determined number of  recognized student organizations to plan and implement social events for the student body
Prepare reports and  follow-up presentations for the executive board and advisers following each event

Vice President of RSO Development

Develop, implement, and assess leadership training for RSO leadership and members through a collaborative effort with campus partner;
Coordinate a fall and spring leadership lecture
Assist RSOs with organizational management and development, including the use of social media, electronic databases, and other campus resources;
Attend all SGA Senate meetings on behalf of the ABS.

Communications Chair
(Serves as organization’s Secretary)

Obtains appropriate facilities for organization activities
Manages organization member records via Orgsync
Prepares an agenda with the President for all meetings
Notifies all members of meetings
Prepares organization’s calendar of events
Keeps and distribute minutes of each meeting of the organization
Work with President to prepare and file any reports
Collects organization mail from the adviser and/or Student Activities office

(Oversees Marketing and Public Relation responsibilities)

Responsible for the promotion of all events
Distribution of information to the campus community
Creation of print and digital media,
Management of Porter social media

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