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Welcome to the Pre-Vet Club


East Carolina University


"Saving one animal will not change the world, but surely for that animal the world will change forever."



Adriana Villasenor, President-

Mackenzie Fain, Vice President/Treasurer-

Hannah Cooke, Secretary-

Brittany Thompson, Board Member-

Nadiyah Ramadan, Board Member-




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The purpose of this club is to help provide a community for students interested in veterinary medicine or entering the veterinary field by scheduling trips, volunteer activities and speakers that help students gain experience and knowledge about preparing for veterinary school.



President Name (2018-2019)

Adriana Villasenor

President Email Address
Treasurer Name (2018-2019)

Mackenzie Fain

Treasurer Email Address
Reservationist Name (2018-2019)

Each organization may only have one officer listed with CRO to reserve space on campus.This role may be included in the responsibility of the President, VP, or other officers.

Mackenzie Fain

Reservationist Email Address
Additional Officer 1 Name (2018-2019)

Mackenzie Fain

Additional Officer 1 Position

Vice President

Additional Officer 1 Email
Additional Officer 2 Name

Hannah Cooke

Additional Officer 2 Position (2018-2019)


Additional Officer 2 Email
Other Officer Information (as needed)

Please list any additional officers (outside of those listed above), their titles, and emails in the box below. Include here any co-advisors or mentors.

Dr. Linda Balot- off-campus advisor-

Faculty/Staff Advisor Name

Please list your advisor, coach, or mentor. This person serves as a volunteer and can be an ECU Faculty/Staff or general member of the comunity.

Dr. Karen Oppelt

Advisor Email
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