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Hello SGC Members!

I hope everyone had an amazing summer, and we're all excited to see the new things we'll accomplish this year! The main goal this year is to figure out how Ole Miss can be a more sustainable university.

We're looking for anyone with an interest in learning new things, and a positive attitude. We're currently accepting applications for a new Vice President. If you think this could be you this year, please send your resume and a one page paper explaining why you would be a great candidate for this position. Email all completed applications to or to

Thank you, and enjoy the first week of classes!

SGC President

Dawn K. Boddie

Portal Information


SGC works to further the sustainability of our campus by promoting "green" living through recycling, conservation, and knowledge. We work with students and the Oxford community to promote a more sustainable way of life.

We're always accepting new members!



Meeting Day


Meeting Time


Meeting Location

Union Ball Room

President Name

Dawn Boddie

President Email

MUST be an Ole Miss Email Address

Vice President Name

Jared Brown

Treasurer Name

Charlie Walker

Faculty/Staff Advisor Name (UM Full-Time Faculty/Staff Member)

Ann Fisher-Wirth

Faculty/Staff Advisor University Title

Director of Environmental Studies minor; English professor

Faculty/Staff Advisor Ole Miss Email Address