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Study Away Student Intake Form (2017-2018)

Thank you for your interest in pursing a Study Away Experience at Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC).  This form may take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes to complete, and is the first step when pursuing participation in a Study Away experience.  You do not need to complete this form in one session. You are able to save your progress and come back to it as needed. However, we encourage you to submit your application in a timely manner as this in general is a first-come, first-served process.  Often times, these experiences are filled by the end of the November.

The purpose of this form is to collect necessary information regarding your eligibility for participating in a Study Away experience, as well as informing you of the risks involved when traveling.

As part of submitting this form, the College will charge a $10 processing fee to run a criminal background check, review your GRCC conduct records, and release the results of this information to appropriate parties who perform these reviews.

If during our criminal background check we are made aware of federal or state drug convictions, we are obligated to share that information with the GRCC Financial Aid Office to be in compliance with federal law.  A student may be ineligible for financial aid due to a drug conviction.

Required Competencies: In order to participate in credit-bearing activities conducted off-campus, you must demonstrate the following required competencies:
1. Ability to be flexible and adapt to new, unexpected circumstances as they occur.  Navigate independently and/or appropriately in a new and/or unfamiliar environment.  (Ex: live with a host family with non-GRCC students; navigate public transportation systems in an unfamiliar environment.)
2. Ability to be responsible for all known personal medical and psychological needs prior to and during participation in this off-campus activity.  As well as the ability to remain functionally stable, and to notify appropriate GRCC employees for their awareness and, if needed, support.
3. Ability to respect the host culture, and its different language(s), values, customs, and belief systems.
4. Knowledge of, and willingness to, uphold reasonable and appropriate standards for living and learning environments.

Both prior and during the experience, the faculty leader may decide that a participant must be dismissed from the experience because he/she is unable to fulfill the required competencies.  That decision will be final. Dismissal from the program will result in the loss of all academic credit for the program. Persons dismissed from the experience are responsible for all costs incurred, and any additional costs resulting from their dismissal and early departure.

Student Conduct - The faculty leader, has the authority to establish rules of conduct necessary for the successful facilitation of a Study Away experience during the entire period of the program, including free time. Should the faculty leader decide that a participant must be dismissed from the experience because of violation of any stated rules, for disruptive behavior, or for any conduct that might bring the program into disrepute or its participants into legal jeopardy, that decision will be final. By accepting to participate in a program, you agree to the term stated above. 


Preference is given to degree-seeking students, first time Study Away participants.
Faculty, staff, guest students, and past study away participants may apply should there be available slots upon the application deadline.

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