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Welcome to the MSU Denver Students of Business!!

Who we are: We are individuals who recognize that business skills are essentially life skills. No matter what you're interested in or where you see your career going, chances are that some business sense will help you get there. As such, we come from a host of different majors and programs of study here at MSU Denver, from accounting and management to philosophy and music. If you want to make a living doing what you love, this club can help you build the skills and knowledge to do so! Membership into Metro State Students of Business is granted to those who create an OrgSync profile, join the group, and complete the New Member Information Form.

What we do: In the past, we've brought local business owners of non-profit and for-profit companies to campus to speak on topics surrounding the business world today, hosted leadership development days, attended concerts by the MSU Denver jazz ensembles, collaborated with the School of Business to hold a Mock Interview event, and much much more. Essentially, though, we do the things that our members are interested in and actively work to serve our collective aspirations. If there's an event you'd like to see on campus, a skill you'd like to build, or even a national conference you'd like to attend, let one of our officers know and we'll work on making it happen.

When we meet: Go here and let us know when you're available! We're still planning our meeting times for this semester. Completing the doodle poll helps us to make sure that you can be there and be involved!

Where we are: The MSU Denver SOB have a cubicle space in the Club Hub (Tivoli 346) and traditionally, this is where we meet as well. Special events usually take place in other rooms around campus, but we generally make use of the club hub. If you ever have questions about event locations or about using the resources in the club hub (which all members are free to do!), ask us.

How to stay connected:




Officer Team 2012 - 2013:

Co-President: David DePuy

Co-President: Britta Hurula

Treasurer: Joey Fukomoto

Secretary: Alix Gorshow

Ongoing Projects:  For those of you who would like to get more involved in the club, here are the projects currently going on. Contact the respective director to find out more about a project, join a team, or find out when they meet.
Apparel  •  Leti Vivier
• Design of a yearly catalog of apparel lines
• Come up with designs for our future apparel items and club shirts
• Help sell items and promote club at events
Media/Communications  •  Open
• Manage the OrgSync, Twitter, and Facebook pages
• Prepare information for release to news media
• Promote group through the School of Business website
Activities/Events  •  Open
• Research speakers and events
• Create and plan new events
Organizational Development  •  David DePuy
• Develop marketing materials
• Approach companies about sponsorship
• Determine community service activities
• Contact professional associations for partnership
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