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("Peace be upon you")


The Muslim Students Association welcomes people of all faiths and beliefs to attend our meetings in the pursuit of knowledge and truth.  



Portal Information


The Muslim Student Association at Chapman University serves as unifying entity to bring together all Muslims at Chapman and anyone interested in Islam to unite and reinforce their relationships.

Mission statement:
Members of the MSA seek to establish a community of Muslims and supporters at Chapman University that will inspire each other to grow in faith, spread accurate knowledge about Islam, and will work together for the betterment of humanity.


Religious/Spiritual Organizations

Student Organization Email Address
President's Name

Muhammad Karkoutli

What unique contribution will this organization bring to campus?

The Muslim Student Association will enable students to comfortably practice their faith, learn about Islam, as well as establish a sense of a community on campus. Additionally, Muslim students will have a place in which they can congregate and thrive. The MSA aims to contribute to the greater campus community by hosting events such as Jummah prayers (Friday prayers at noon) which are open to non-Muslim students, faculty, and staff, and cultural events such as Hijab and Kufi day. All are welcome to MSA meetings and events!