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The purpose of this organization is to serve as a civic, community, social, and cultural resource for the black students at ECU. As a civic organization, the ECU-BSU seeks to influence policies affecting black students. As a community organization, we shall strive to create and maintain bonds with the ECU/Greenville community. As a social organization the ECU-BSU shall promote social interaction among students at East Carolina University, black students in particular. As a cultural organization the ECU-BSU shall promote academic performance, intellectual growth and intimate interaction between its members, as well as the Greenville/Pitt community. Additionally, the organization shall seek to foster a unique sense of camaraderie among all black students and to ease the transition both into and out of the ECU environment. Toward these ends, the ECU-BSU will actively promote intimate contact with other organizations, students and prominent figures both inside and outside of the ECU community.


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To promote success in life, academics , campus and community involvement while celebrating our culture and cultivating a sense of black unity amongst the entire East Carolina Student Body. We will educate, uplift, and empower ALL students while preserving the heritage of African American culture by providing programs and services that are relevant to community and global issues.



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President Name (2018-2019)

Mariah Rhodes

Treasurer Name (2018-2019)

Tyler Wester

Reservationist Name (2018-2019)

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Mia Graves

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Joshua Burney

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