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Organization Overview

We are the Gamma Eta Chapter of the Alpha Phi Sigma National Honor Society. The organization requires at least a 3.2 GPA, 30 credit hours (4 Criminal Justice or Sociology courses), and a one time application fee of $50. Attendance to meetings and events results in "points," you are required to obtain 4 points per semester to be considered an active member. Prospective members, or those who have not officially applied and been accepted into the Honor Society, have the opportunity to attend meetings and events to get a feel for the club but cannot vote in or run for officer in elections. Alpha Phi Sigma works closely with the Criminal Justice Organization on campus and is a great addition to your resume!

Category Honorary Societies
Keywords Criminal Justice, Honor Society, Honors
President Name/ Director Name

Melvin Stojakovich

President/ Director PSU Email
Advisor Name

Dr. Kim S. Menard

Advisor Title

Assisstant Professor of Criminal Justice and Women's Studies

Advisor Phone

(814) 940-3320