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Organization Overview

THON is the largest philanthropy in the world, raising over 101 million for the fight against pediatric cancer in its forty years of existence. Altoona is an organization to benefit THON and its efforts. Altoona Benefiting THON consists of 3 overalls, 30 captains, and over 300 active organization members! We raise the most money among the Commonwealth Campuses. Stop by the THON office in 201B Slep anytime to find out more information on how to get involved and how you can start saving lives! FTK!

Category Governance, School Spirit & Traditions
Keywords THON, Childhhood Cancer, Pediatric Cancer, Hershey Medical Center, Altoona Benefiting THON, FTK, For the kids, ABT
President Name/ Director Name

Kathryn Hartigan

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Donna Pearlman

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