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THON Fundraising Outreach & Canning Weekend #3

Nov 13 - Nov 15
Altoona, PA

The Altoona Benefiting THON Organization will be canning at various locations throughout the Altoona Area (Exact locations will be submitted to OSL the week leading up to each scheduled Canning Weekend). 

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THON Dancer Mail Event

Tuesday, Feb 3, 8:30 pm
134 Hawthorn Building 3000 Ivyside Dr Altoona PA 16601

During THON weekend an event occurs which is called "Mail Call". Mail Call is an event during the THON weekend in which dancers will receive letters and packages from friends, family, and supporters to inspire and motivate dancers to continue fighting For The Kids. February 3rd we will have an event where we make our 7 dancers mail for them to read at THON while they are on the floor! :)


Inspirational Quotes Motivational Sayings Anything that makes...

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ABT Dodgeball Tournament

Wednesday, Dec 3, 8 pm
Adler Athletic Complex

This event is a fundraiser for ABT in the form of a dodgeball tournament.  We will be charging five dollars a person with a minimum of 5 people on a team.  All proceeds with be donated to ABT.

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Dynamic Diamond Duo Pageant

Wednesday, Nov 12, 8 pm
Slep Pond View

The Dynamic Diamond Duo Pageant will be the first of its kind in Altoona. It will be held on November 12, 2014 in the Harry E. Slep Student Center from 8pm-10pm. 10 pairs of contestants will compete in three categories: talent, evening wear, THON spirit and interviews, to be crowned Altoona’s 2014 Dynamic Diamond Duo. Talents, evening wear, THON spirit, interviews will all be humorous but appropriate; if a THON family cannot see it, the contestants cannot do it. Contestants will...

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Greek Life Canning Consent Form

Sunday, Oct 5, 8:30 pm
Slep Pond View

Signing up Greek Life for Canning for Altoona Benefiting THON 

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Kathryn R. Hartigan commented on the event Altoona Benefiting THON 1st General Meeting

Altoona Benefiting THON Powderpuff Game

Wednesday, Oct 15, 8 pm
IM Fields
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Altoona Benefiting THON 1st General Meeting

Thursday, Sep 11, 8 pm

This is a meeting held in order to introduce and educate new freshman as well as other students on Altoona Benefiting THON. This is also used as a recruitment for new captains. 

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Antonia Feliz-Redman

theres a meeting on Thursday too right?

Alixandra M. Collins


Kathryn R. Hartigan



Tuesday, Dec 10, 8 pm
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Friday, Feb 17, 6 pm
Bryce Jordan Center
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