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Organization Overview

We consist of individuals who are concerned with security/cybersecurity in the computing world. We discuss the current threats and risks in the world today. We also do demos and training of club members who want to learn defenses and skills in computing and computing security. Guest speakers are a big part of SRA Club. The idea here is to learn about career opportunities and to learn what different computing jobs present. Any one who wants to become better with computing and security are welcome to join the club; you do not have to major in aspects of computing.

Category Academic/Professional
Keywords Security, Risk, IT, cybersecurity, programming, coding, network, networking, computer, computers, internet, jungwoo ryoo, david barnes, analysis, penn testing, penetration, troubleshooting,
President Name/ Director Name

Joseph Compton

President/ Director PSU Email
Advisor Name

Jungwoo Ryoo

Advisor Title

SRA Professor

Advisor Phone