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OMA Student Lounge Reservation Form

1. No Boisterous or disorderly conduct.

2. No equipment or cables are to be removed from the room.

3. No furniture may be moved.

4. The individual requesting is responsible for security of the room and equipment.

5. All doors should be locked upon leaving.

6. Keys must be check out from Darlene D. Starnes, Office of Multicultural Affairs, 346 Benson.

7. Keys must be returned to Darlene D. Starnes by 12pm (noon) the following business day.


-By submitting this request, we are stating that the stipulations noted above have been read and we agree to abide by them.

- We also understand that this group will be responsible to pay for a) any damage incurred during or b)special cleaning after use of space.

- In addition, we understand that a fine of $250 will be charged in the event that keys are lost or not returned to the Office of Multicultural Affairs.

- If any individual of this group does not abide by the special stipulations noted above, this group will forfeit the privilege of using the space in the future.

If you'd like, you can download a blank PDF version of this form.