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Hello Horned Frogs!! Welcome to HCCS-- The John V. Roach Honors College's service organization!

We're here to connect Honors students to meaningful service in the Fort Worth community.  You can sign up for a one-time event, or get involved with one of our ongoing projects! Please look at the events tab for all of our dates for the Fall 2017 semester!

A Few of Our Organizations


Fort Worth Marathon

Tarrant Area Food Bank

Safe Haven

Cowtown Marathon

St. Demetrios Greek Festival





Portal Information


HCCS is a community service program for Honors students at TCU. We connect interested students to meaningful service opportunities in the Fort Worth community. With partnerships with many different kinds of organizations, HCCS offers a range of opportunities and a flexible time commitment. Please contact Morgan Vachio at if you are interested in joining!



Organization Mission

Describe the purpose and mission of your proposed organization.

The John V. Roach Honors College Community Service program is committed to providing meaningful service opportunities. The program encourages students to broaden their social awareness, connect to fellow College students and faculty, and to make a habit of community service. We will work with several organizations in the Fort Worth area and offer at least 5 different opportunities to students per semester. Most opportunities will be one-time special events. We plan to work consistently with the same organizations and form partnerships with them. HCCS will also offer an ongoing, weekly opportunity at a youth center.

President Name

President/Charter member of an organization must have completed a minimum of one (1) semester (Fall or Spring) at TCU and be in good standing with the University. Good standing is defined in the Student Organizations Handbook under Membership Requirements for Student Organizations.

Morgan Vachio

President TCU Email

Please use valid email addresses

Advisor Name

Advisor must be a full-time TCU faculty, staff or chaplain. Advisor will be contacted to confirm commitment.

Colby Birdsell

Advisor School Title

(e.g. Professor, Chaplain, etc.)

Honors College and Fogelson Forum Coordinator

Advisor Email

Please complete the following form for the organization that you advise.

Membership Requirements

Please list any/all membership requirements and/or qualifications that are expected of new members. Please refer to the Student Organizations Handbook under Memebership Requirements for Student Organizations.

Students must be current members of the Honors College and must meet the academic requirements of the Honors College.

Membership Dues/Fees

Will your organization require members to pay dues or entrance/initiation fees?


Membership Selection

How will new members join the organization?

Open enrollment - students may join at any time

Membership Selection Timeline

If membership in your organization is an application & selection process, please indicate when you typically select new members? (Check all that apply)

  • Fall
  • Spring
  • Summer