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Welcome to the ADN Club, a group of students in the ADN program who want to share time and  ideas in order to grow professionally and have fun doing so.  Watch for updates and messages regarding upcoming events and meetings.

Welcome Newcomers!  Here is a little crash course to navigate Org Sync:
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  This is where you will find upcoming meetings and events (you can also view this on the Calendar link)
Communication/Discussions:  These links are how you get to access ongoing discussions.
Communication/Polls:  These links will direct you to any current polls.
Files: This is where you will see previous meeting minutes/agendas, car pool corner, as well as a file share area among students.

Feed: this tab will give you an idea of recent activity!

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Students in the Associates Degree Program for Nursing, wishing to connect with other students, for the purpose of networking, support, and professional growth.


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