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Ian Reed
Feb 6, 2012

Upcoming Brawl/Ultimate Marvel/Halo: Reach Tourney in Scottville

Feb 6, 2012 by Ian Reed

For those who are interested there will be an upcoming tourney at Cold Con in Scottville for the 3 above games. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom and Halo: Reach will be on the 18th and Brawl will be on the 19th, all three tourneys start at 10 AM. We were also invited to caravan with a group of Muskegon smash players to Scottville for the Brawl tourney. The above link has additional info on the times, fees (For Marvel players it's $22 total and for Halo and Brawl players it's $22-27 depending on if you do both singles and doubles assuming you only get a $7 day pass which is in the mentioned total) and unless any of us aren't "tourney virgins" we each get a $3 venue discount (which would make it $19-24 roughly). If anyone is interested please contact me or Derek Taylor for additional info, there is also a Facebook group for the SGA that is open membership. We would appreciate those that have a facebook to join so we can ensure everyone gets any future notices about activities.

If any of you can get a group together we will do our best to help you arrange your group's trip and get a cheap hotel for a night if need be.   Also for anyone interested we MUST know who is interested that can drive so we can arrange carpools.

-Ian Reed, SGA Secretary-