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Roberto E Savala
Oct 14, 2010


Oct 14, 2010 by Roberto E Savala

SGA & Anime Club Halloween Party

We are trying to put together a Halloween Party for Oct 28th from 1PM- 9:45PM in the ATC Auditorium. We will watch Anime on the big screen and play video game on the small TV's. We will try to have Little Ceasar Pizza and Drinks. We are going to have a friendly SUPER CASUAL Magic the Gathering tournement, all cards are legal no proxy's(fake cards) though. If you do have any questions contact Samantha Tobin or Roberto Savala.


We may have more surprises as we think them up. Such as in the MTG tourney you get an extra 5 life if you are wearing a complete Halloween costume.



Alex Plakidas Ntasios

Hmm there seems to be no RSVP function. I will say I'm probably going to make it.