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Black Africana Student Union


To provide GRCC students with an opportunity to come together as a community and support each other’s personal, educational, and professional development. The Black Africana Student Union will strive to eliminate barriers by promoting multi-cultural awareness and encouraging a positive educational environment for all students at Grand Rapids Community College.





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Portal Information


The BASU is open to all students interested in multi-ethnic concerns and activities. The organization promotes knowledge of family history, attends cultural events, and places emphasis on education. The BASU sponsors social gatherings, and provides a support system for Students of African descent. We encourage racial healing through interaction with students of other cultural backgrounds.

What we Do:
* Create an atmosphere of inclusiveness through fun activities
* Create an atmosphere of academic support through study tables
* Offer financial support through grant and scholarship opportunities
* Empower future leaders through leadership trainings, and effectively led meetings
* Contribute to the community through voluntary service


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