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-Welcome to the GRCC Student Alliance-

Are you a student enrolled in classes at GRCC? Great! You're a member!

As the governing student organization on campus, we have a plethora of goals and responsibilities. Our #1 goal is to ensure that all students have the most successful experience at GRCC as possible.

We work towards ensuring that your time here is exactly what you're looking for. If you feel like something is missing, let us know! We also aim to bridge the gap between students and administration. As a student, you have the right to know who's making the decisions for your school.

Finally, all of us are here for a reason. So, we work towards developing those skills that will better our personal and professional lives. At our meetings, we focus on providing those tools so that we can all proceed to the next step of our education. 

If you have any questions about Student Alliance please contact Cale Merdzinski, our President. His email is: You can also connect with any of the executive board officers during their office hours which are listed below. Our office is located near the Student Life Office in room 25B. We look forward to meeting you!

Fall Office Hours 2017

Leader Position Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri.

Cale Merdzinski

President NONE 01:00pm-05:00pm NONE 01:00pm-05:00pm NONE
Tatum Kovach External Affairs Director NONE NONE 08:00am-09:00am 1:00pm - 5:00pm. NONE
Kaitlynn Karl Communications Director N/A

1PM - 4PM

11AM - 2PM N/A N/A
Kyezie Bwanangela Operations Director 04:30pm-07:00pm NONE




We welcome anyone to our meetings. Bring family, bring friends, but most importantly, bring a positive and dedicated attitude! We all work hard to attend this institution. Let's make our time the best as possible!

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The purpose of the Student Alliance is to represent and advocate on behalf of the voice of the student body. Additionally, we maintain oversight of the campus activities fee in collaboration with the Director of Student Life and Conduct.

Our membership includes all enrolled students! The Leadership Board consists of four (4) student leaders selected through an application/interview process conducted by a panel of GRCC students, staff, and faculty.

Our goal is to ensure the students' success while inspiring leadership throughout and beyond our institution.


Student Governance

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Advisor's FIRST and LAST name

Lina Blair

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