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Welcome to the official Competitive Robotics Orgsync page!

Are you fascinated by trinkets, odds, and gadgets? Do you want a place to refine your robot-building skills, but you do not have the money or space for your own personal workshop? Do you just want to explore what is out there? If you answered YES to any of these questions, consider joining Competitive Robotics this semester!

Our club partakes in creative projects, which involve many aspects of robotics such as motion control, programming, electronics, and autonomous systems. We encourage students in all fields of study with an interest in robotics to come and explore what our club has to offer! Indeed, our collaborate experience includes folks from all branches of engineering (ME, CE, CpE, EE), history, sociology, graphic design, business, and more. If you are committed to build it, we will help set you up and give you the tools you need to succeed!

We host two annual events; there is a battle-bot exhibition internal to CSUS in November, followed in March by a public exhibition event, the "Smackdown in Sac-Town" Robot Rumble, a part of the Sacramento State’s Engineering Expo. Our goal this year is to refit the Robot-Rumble event to be an S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) event, with collaborative efforts between a number of clubs and local business partners.

The club is always looking to establish additional resources such as establishing an archive of drawings for caricature battle-bots and custom projects, contact lists of relevant administrators, community groups, business partners, and an officer's manual for a how-to on managing the club's workshop and its materials. If you are interested in taking up an officer position within our ranks, please email your interest to the Vice President.

Are you waiting for an internship to come your way? Perhaps add some experience to put on your resume, and skills to add to your tool-belt of knowledge? Are you wondering if you will be prepared for your senior project?

Then come check out Competitive Robotics!


Upcoming Events: CSUS Rumble, November 2018

Projects: One pound RC robots, Arena Mover repairs


Location: Santa Clara 1357B 

Meeting Times: Every Thursday 6-8pm


Spring 2018 Officers:

President: Stephen Lamera

Vice President: Phillip Olding

Treasurer: Cameron Wright


Portal Information


Hello, and welcome to Competitive Robotics!

Do you love breaking down gadgets and gizmos and seeing what's inside? Are you a fan of fighting robots that boast incredible weapons? Do you need the resources to help create your project from design to build? If so, then Competitive Robotics is here for you!

This is a club for crafting, tinkering, and having fun with robotics and remote-controlled devices, and is open to persons of all majors. Our club is full of friendly members from all sorts of majors who have experience in building awesome bots, and will be more than willing to help you get started on one of your very own!

The focus and goal of the club is to encourage the understanding and exploration of robotics among persons of all ages and education, from elementary school through graduate school. The club hosts a bi-annual robotics exhibition, the most notable being the spring semester “Smack Down in Sac-Town” event, with spectators and competitors attending from all over California.

Our bot projects are primarily centered on the “Ant-Weight” [1lb - 2lb] fighting robots. Special projects are also undertaken when the interest and opportunity arise.

So what are you waiting for? Come drop in, and have some fun where technology and crafting collide!



Organization Statement of Purpose

This statement will be used to describe what the organization is about to those looking for or at student organizations to join or work with.

Competitive Robotics exists to foster hands on experience in engineering, encourage high school and junior high students to take an interest in science and engineering, and to provide an opportunity for good natured competition between Sac State students of all studies.
Our annual "Robot Rumble" tournament provides the centerpiece for the annual Engineering Expo.

Organization Status


Sac State College Affiliation

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Membership Restrictions: Minimum GPA


Membership Restrictions: Attendance

List membership requirements related to attendance.

1/2 meetings

Organization Email
Meeting Day(s)


Meeting Time


Meeting Location

Santa Clara 1357B

Officer A Title

Officer A MUST BE the President or Primary Officer,

for Sport Clubs this is also the Sport Club Council Rep.


Officer A First Name


Officer B Title

Officer B MUST BE the Treasurer or like Financial Officer


Officer B First Name


Advisor Name

Advisors must be currently employed by Sacramento State full-time or part-time as a faculty member or a professional staff member classified as `Exempt' according to the Fair Labor Standards Act. Employees of Auxiliary Organizations are not eligible to serve as advisors of record to student organizations.

Dr. Susan Holl

Advisor Title

Department Chair

Advisor Department

Mechanical Engineering