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Welcome to the official ASuop web site! This site is your link to everything you need to know about student life and events on campus. Find out how to express your opinions to your elected student leaders. Check out what movies are playing on campus this weekend. Buy tickets to an ASuop-sponsored concert or a cool trip off campus. You can find it all here!


Portal Information


ASuop continues to progress as a campus leader and nowhere is that more evident than the efforts and workings of the dedicated individuals within ASuop. ASuop exemplifies excellence as it continues a strong partnership with the Division of Student Life and exhibits leadership in the greater Stockton community.

ASuop Government has three branches - Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. These three branches work together to ensure that the student voice is heard in University governance, supply essential valuable service to the ASuop members, and provide the opportunity to be involved in student life at Pacific.

The executive branch is chaired by the President and Vice President of ASuop. These two individuals are voted in positions that represent students through various means. The duo meets monthly with the University President and bi weekly with the Vice President of Student Life. They both sit on a number of powerful committees for the sole purpose of stating the perspective of students. The President and Vice President are also joined by the directors of various ASuop departments (Treasury, Arts & Entertainment, Graphic Design, etc). The President, Vice President, Directors, Chief of Staff, and Commissioners form the Cabinet, which is responsible for carrying out the daily activities of the ASuop.

The legislative branch is comprised of the ASuop Senate. The Senate forms the overall policy and goals of ASuop, approves the annual budget, and serves as a conduit for information to flow from the students to the University Administration. There are currently fourteen Senate seats, one for each school on the Stockton campus, and 6 Senators-at-large which represent nonacademic constituency groups.

The judicial branch is comprised of the Supreme Court, which is headed by the Chief Justice and is joined by two other Associate Justices. The Court is responsible for interpreting the constitution, verifying the results of elections, and hearing all impeachment proceedings.

There are many different ways to get involved in ASuop and student life in general. We have many opportunities in Government, Commissions or committees that need students, or just another set of hands on a big project. Let us know that you are interested. Drop by the ASuop office in the McCaffrey Center or give us a call at (209)946-2233.



Are the general membership meetings open to the public?


Organization Contact Email

The best email address for electronic correspondents to be sent to from University offices, staff, and potential community partners. (This very well could be the current President's email)

President Name

The member that resides over and is responsible to overall management of the organization.

Grant Kirkpatrick

Vice President Name

The member that is 2nd-in-charge (behind the President).

Caroline Styc

Vice President Email
Financial Officer Name

The member that is responsible for the finances of the organization, including requesting funds from ASuop.

Alayna Myrick

Financial Officer Email
Additional Officer Name

Henry Adkisson

Additional Officer Email
Additional Officer Name

Kathrina Morales

Additional Officer Email
Local Organization Constitution & Bylaws
Member Selection Process & Restrictions

If your membership has selective membership, please describe the selection process and list any membership restrictions (e.g. minimum GPA, minimum units completed)

GPA, Voted In

University Advisor Name

Name of the University Staff/Faculty (must be full-time) employee that advises your organization.

Jason Fitzer

University Advisor Email

Use the Advisor's email address.

Additional University Advisor Name

Name of the University Staff/Faculty (must be full-time) employee that advises your organization.

Dave Crafts

Additional University Advisor Email

Use the Advisor's email address.

Additional University Advisor Phone