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Undergraduate Travel Grant Application

Undergraduate Travel Grant Overview
Criteria for Student Eligibility
• Currently enrolled at WSU Vancouver in at least 6 credits.
• Undergraduate degree seeking student in good standing.
• Date(s) of travel must be prior to graduation but at least 2 weeks after the application deadlines.
• Minimum WSU Cumulative GPA of 2.5

Appropriate Use of Funds
• The primary purpose of these travel funds will be to assist in paying for registration fees, travel, and lodging expenses for participation in undergraduate conferences/events. Reasons for travel can vary greatly but cannot be strictly personal. The request should be related to some WSU activity.
• Allowable expense details:
o Lodging: Must be a commercial residence (i.e. hotel, hostel), cannot be a personal residence. Expenses need to be within per diem rates for the area you travel to (
o Transportation: May include mode of transport (gas, air, train, etc.), parking, taxi, etc.
o Registration: Entry fees or conference registration
• Funds cannot be used for formal classes or research involving grades.
• Food will not be funded.

Please note travel grants are funded using S&A fees, thus expenditures are limited to non-academic activities. Grant funds may NOT be used to support travel for the purpose of conducting research or other activities directly associated with the requirements of completing a degree or class at WSU Vancouver. Please refer to the S&A Fee Brochure for more information about applicable University policy on such expenditures.

Grant Award Limits
• Grant awards are given based upon the amount requested and the reason for travel. An individual may be given up to $500 per request. Individuals with previous funding may place additional requests but they will be held at a lower priority than individuals with no accepted requests.
• Should the request be for a group, the maximum total allocation shall not exceed $1500 per experience. For example, if four students wanted to travel to the same conference, combined they could potentially get no more than $1500.

Application and Award Access Process
• Applications can be found online at
• All application materials must be submitted by the deadline, including a letter of support from a WSU Vancouver faculty or staff and a cost break-down. The letter should vouch for the importance of the request and explain what benefits WSU Vancouver will receive should it send students.
• The Undergraduate Travel Funding Committee meets twice a semester, excluding summer. Requests will be reviewed within 2 weeks of the application deadline and letters indicating award status will be emailed.
• Students will be responsible to pay for travel expenses out-of-pocket and seek reimbursement after travel has occurred. Original receipts for all expenditures will be needed.
• Reimbursement details will be in the award letter.

Submissions for the Undergraduate Travel Grant are accepted 4x per year. The due dates are:

Friday Oct. 2nd, 2015
Friday Nov. 6th, 2015
Friday Jan. 29th, 2015
Friday March 4th, 2015
(These are all due at 5:00pm)

If you have any additional questions about this grant, please contact ASWSUV Vice President Yesenia Herrera at

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