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Welcome to the Next Step Social Justice Retreat!

Chapman University's Next Step Social Justice Retreat is an annual event that gives students a forum in which to further develop knowledge, skills, and motivations for becoming better change agents in their communities around social justice issues, including the areas of racism, sexism, heterosexism, ableism, ageism, religious oppression, classism, environmental justice/sustainability, animal-rights, advocacy, and more.  The Next Step Social Justice Retreat is informed by the notion that, in order to be an effective advocate for social justice, we must continue to understand our own identities and stories in order to understand more about one another.  Half of the retreat is spent in small guided groups with a student facilitator and staff/faculty facilitator exploring these concepts. Through large and small group activities, participants at the retreat will explore notions of allyship, stereotypes, privilege, oppression, coalition-building, advocacy, and grassroots organizing while building community, organizational, and personal connections with one another.

Student alumni of the retreat can apply to become a facilitator this year, and staff and faculty are welcome to apply as facilitators with or without past Next Step experience. 

Contact Justin Koppelman, Assistant Director for Civic Engagement at for more information or stop by Argyros Forum 303.

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