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2017-2018 Shared Governance Application

Please fill out this application when applying to University Shared Governance Committees and thank you for being invested in the UWM community. We guarantee that joining a committee will be an invaluable experience that will benefit you as much as the campus.

The Process 

The process of becoming appointed to a shared governance committee, task force, working group etc begins with you filling out this application. After receiving your application the Student Association President will evaluate each according to the needs of the specific committee you have applied for. When looking at applications, please know that failure to submit anything listed as optional (e.g. letter of recommendation) will not be held against you, but these materials will be taken into consideration to find the best candidate in cases where there are multiple applicants. The recommendation of the President will be forwarded to the Senate for final approval. 


To be eligible to apply to a shared governance body, as a student, you must attend the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee with at least a half-time standing (Undergraduates 6+ credits, and Masters, Doctoral 3+ credits) and a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 and be a segregated fee paying student. You must also be in good standing with the university; which is measured by prior academic and non-academic misconduct violations.  This eligibility check is conducted by the Student Association Professional Staff (SAPS) office, and your privacy is protected throughout.


If you have any questions about Shared Governance or the process, please contact Brooke Messier at

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