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Team meetings

Tuesday, May 7, 8 pm
Terrace in the Student Union
Will you be attending?

Jared Koepp commented on the event Club meeting

Club meeting

Tuesday, Nov 27, 9 pm
Terrace in the Student Union

At these meetings we will discuss club activities and ways to improve the club. As well as getting to know everyone even better.

Will you be attending?
Dung Pham

umm.. not to be dumb, but where is that place again? lol.

Jared Koepp

Don't worry alot of people don't remember where it is lol. It is the cafeteria/convenient store located on the street level of the Student Union. Its in the southwest corner of the union.

Timothy Shore Jr commented on the event MWN #2

MWN #2

Saturday, Oct 16, 8 am
2nd event of the season.
Will you be attending?
Timothy Shore Jr

So everything will be talked about friday like who will be playing the other spots?

Erik Leable

Anyone who wants a spot needs to let me know, and get me there APPA number ASAP. its gonna be $81 plus cost of extra paint ($55 a case but its split between the lines)

Timothy Shore Jr

Mine is 43733-6838