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Welcome to the homepage of the UW Milwaukee Panther Lacrosse Team. If you are interested in playing (regardless of skill level) shoot us an email at or message our Facebook page at We hope to see you!

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Our purpose is to organize, practice and compete in the sport of lacrosse while representing UW-Milwaukee


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Membership Requirements:

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Open to all UWM male students (A women's lacrosse team is available)


Summarize the organization's purpose as stated in the charter or constitution. (60 word maximum)

Our purpose is to provide UWM students with the opportunity to play Lacrosse against other Midwest universities. New players can learn the game in a friendly, but very competitive environment. Advanced players can enjoy a relaxed environment, with supportive and helpful teammates. Most of all the purpose of this organization is to bring lacrosse loving individuals together.


Summarize organizational events, activities and programs. (40 word maximum)

Every year we try to do 1-2 major fundraising events (i.e. selling chocolate or working at a factory for a weekend) which lower the player dues considerably. Also, we participate in 10-15 tournaments/games year round in the midwest area. Practices (during the regular season) occur 2-3 times a week (accommodating the schedules of all of our players). During the Fall, we play "Fall Ball" which are essentially pick-up games and tournaments with no league value. This is just another way to play more games throughout the year.

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Ryan Dresden

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Must be one of the four primary officers list on page 2 of this form.