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Yonna Pasch
Apr 18, 2017

Two weeks left...where has the semester gone?

Apr 18, 2017 by Yonna Pasch

We still have a lot going on in Student Life so don't slow down yet.  There are T's that need to be crossed and I's that need dotting before we part ways for the summer. 

So let's get to it...


  • Each organization must schedule an Orgsync Officer training before the semester ends per the Committee on Organizations - RSO manual bylaws.
  • If an organization fails to get the training, they may not be a recognized organization for next year and cannot attend Freshman Connections during the summer. 
  • Please respond to your N-Sider emails or groupme messages to schedule your training within the next two weeks and be sure to fill out the Orgsync Training Needs Survey - Fall 2016-Spring 2017.

SAB EVENT FEEDBACK - We could use your voice!!

If your organization has completed some type of community service or service learning initiative, please fill out the Service at NSU Fall 2016-Spring 2017. Each event needs to have one form filled out.  If the same event happens on multiple days, please combine the event information to one form.

We know you all are doing great things at NSU!  This is your chance to brag about all that your organization has done this year.  Check out our website and fill out an award application today!  (Please one application per event).  Check out the applications on our website: SOAR APPLICATIONS.


Be sure to follow SAB on our social media to pick up your movie ticket. @nsu_sab




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Want us to advertise for your organization events?  Create the event in Orgsync and request to have the event on the Student Life Calendar!