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Freshman Connection - Purple Palooza Registration Form Summer 2019


The Office of Student Activities is hosting Purple Palooza at each Freshmen Connection this summer! We encourage each organization to participate!! We are asking that each group have something fun, exciting and PURPLE to give out or host an activity that the students can do while at the event!!

Keep in mind, it's usually hot at the event, so plan accordingly.  We encourage you all to bring a tent!

Purple Palooza - There will be four freshmen connections and there will be a Purple Palooza event at each. The dates are May 23, May 30, June 19 and July 9.

Event Information: May and June Purple Palooza's  (Max of 3 members) - Location: Boozman Oak Alley

  • Setup: 2:00 pm
  • Event: 3-4:00pm
  • Teardown: 4:00pm

Event Information: July 9th (Max of 3 members) - Location: Student Union Ballroom

  • SETUP: 11am
  • EVENT: 12-1:30pm
  • TEARDOWN: 1:45pm

Purple Palooza Part II - August 28, 2019  Student Union Circle (SAVE THE DATE)

  • SETUP: 2pm
  • EVENT: 3-5pm
  • TEARDOWN: 5:15pm




COME UP WITH A THEME!!  EVERYONE LIKES A THEME! This way you can give the students something that they can remember your organization by!  Put a label on the items so they can remember you when they come for Freshman Connection!  For example: (but not limited to.....)

  • The Psychedelic Psychology Club - pass out Tie Dye stickers, pens, shirts
  • Set Sail with the Ladies of Sigma Sigma Sigma - anchors, rope or even water as a giveaway
  • What's your target? Let SWAT help your aim!  - Red bullseyes, suction darts
  • Poppin' Great Leaders - President's Leadership Program - Pass out popcorn!
  • Come one Come all to the greatest organization of all - Vet Tech Club - Pass out animal print flyer

SOME OTHER ITEMS YOU CAN GIVE AWAY: Great way to advertise your organization to these prospective members

  • Cups
  • Flyers
  • Key chains
  • Candy
  • Popsicle's
  • Push Pops
  • Soda
  • Water


  • Plinko
  • Toss a ball in a fish bowl
  • Have a contest at your booth (thumb war, pin the tail on a demon)
  • Hula Hoop contest
  • Spot it game!

REMEMBER TO HAVE A MEANINGFUL CONVERSATION WITH THE FRESHMEN.  The students want to feel welcomed.  Be open to having a conversation with strangers.  They are interested, they just might not seem like they are.  Be the leader that you are and that you are capable of being!  You are IN COLLEGE, they WANT to be here and be just like YOU!!

This Registration form is due by May 9, 2019




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