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Although UW-Milwaukee Women's Rugby is the best in the Midwest, we didn't all start with a rugby background. Our common trait is hard work! Some of us played rugby in High School, but we're ex-cheerleaders, ex-soccer players, ex-basketball players, ex-volleyball players, ex-softball players, ex-track athletes, ex-downhill skiers. You name it, we've probably played it. But the one thing that draws us together now is our love of rugby and our willingness to work hard for one another.


We would like to encourage anyone who is interested (or even remotely curious) to come down to our practices and check it out! We are always looking for new players. So if you've been playing for years or have never seen a rugby ball, consider the Lady Panthers! We Practice three days a week on the Lakefront at McKinely Marina / Veterans Park. You can find a map to our training field on our Training Info Page.


In the past 4 years, Lady Panther Rugby has developed some of the best athletes not only in the Midwest and Wisconsin, but in the Country as well. UW-Milwaukee has had 4 USA Rugby Collegiate All-Americans, 1 Senior Women's Eagle, 1 USA 7s Senior Developmental Player, 1 Midwest RFU 7s Senior Player, 1 USA A Pool Player, 1 USA U-23 Player, 3 USA U-20 Players, 6 Midwest U-23 Players, 8 Midwest U-19 Players, 7 Wisconsin U-19 Players and over 20 Wisconsin U-23 Players. We have established a great tradition of hard work and great camaraderie both on and off the field. And what makes us such a cohesive team is our care and concern for one another. We hope you will choose to come be a part of Lady Panther Rugby!