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Lacrosse (W)


Are you interested in the fastest growing sport in America? You are in the right place! Lacrosse is considered to be a true American sport as the Native Americans would play as a form of war. Over the years it has become more civilized, but players and fans still posses the same passion and spirit that it has been played with since the 12th century. Women's lacrosse rules differ significantly from men's lacrosse, most notably by equipment and the degree of allowable physical contact. The only protective equipment worn for this sport is a mouth guard and face guard and sometimes thin gloves. A women's lacrosse field is larger and the pocket on their sticks is not shallow; this allows for more skill and better handling of the ball.

Here at Stetson University, we want this historic sport that is widely popular in the North to foster down here in the South. That is why the Lady Hatters were a part of the first club teams on campus. They are affiliated with Southeastern Women's Lacrosse League and are scheduled to play other state teams in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, etc. If you are interested in playing or would like more general information please contact Stetson Club Sports or the Lady Hatters Lacrosse President, Malorie Edge. We look forward to a fantastic Spring season! Go Hatters!